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“Trellis is solving the biggest problem that teachers face: We know that one-on-one attention is incredibly impactful to students, but we can’t clone ourselves, and we have only minutes per student. Celeste, the AI tutor, is fast, reliable, and infinitely available, and she says the things that I would say.”

- Calum Richards, former precalculus teacher, currently at Givewell


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State-of-the-art AI audio narration.

Removal of excess text for an immersive listening experience.

Plus, we’ll have a mobile app soon for offline listening to all your files.

Because reading should be multimodal.


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Auto-tag & cluster notes.

Share your notes with others.

Finally, a relational tool for thought.


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Use power search to chat with your whole library.

Or, make a collection to focus on a certain project or theme.

Compare answers across books & synthesize new takeaways.

Because books are the best teachers.


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